Working across many different genres I have delivered a range of varied duration content, either to 60-second fast cut programme trailers for online as well as TV stations, 30 Second Promo or Longer form projects have included editing live multi-camera performances all the way through to a 50-minute programme for TV


One of my many strengths as a video editor is editing music-based projects as well as have the ability to edit even when a project has shot listed.


Video edit suite with full-fibre broadband

I edit using the latest version of Adobe Premiere on MacPro which is connected to 2 x 8 TB Pegasus2 RAID 5 drives.  My edit suite is connected to ultra-fast full-fibre 1Gb/s broadband.


I have extensive knowledge of broadcast specification workflows, processes, systems and regulations, and fully geared up with all the technical requirements for high-quality content for various types of social media

I offer my post-production, consultancy, and skills as a video editor for projects across the UK and Overseas. 



Watch Some of my Favourite Clips I Edited it

Help with your next film or video project ?

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or if you would like any help with your film or video project Email us at

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