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Updated: Feb 20, 2019


Video production is actually THE most effective advertising and marketing tool available to you. However, I know what you’re thinking — it’s so expensive! Well this is where you are wrong. Instead of looking at the initial cost you need to look at the results it can bring. By looking at it this way you can then see the huge return on investment corporate video can provide.

You will have probably already invested in a flashy website in some cases costing tens of thousands of pounds and then spent time and money trying to improve the number of visitors and ranking on Google yet what is the point is doing this if only 1 in 100 visitors orders from you or contacts you as a result of visiting the website?

Surely it is better to spend a little extra money and add a compelling and engaging corporate video to your website so that you get more sales from the people you have expensively managed to get on to your website thus making the best of something you pay for already

One of the single biggest reasons individuals perceive video to be over priced is simply down to them not understanding the true return on investment video can provide. In context, £2,500 may seem like a lot of money for 90 seconds of promotional video production, however you need to look at the return that the video will provide you with. When for example you might have budgeted £2.500 for your entire marketing budget this is going to seem like a huge risk, right? Well, yes it is. But there is one thing you can be certain about, a well thought out and correctly professionally produced corporate video has a very high chance of literally being able to change your business in a matter of days, or even overnight

Video production is also a very effective way of engaging viewers. With websites such as reporting that video on their website increased sales by 64% it is clear that video is very effective. By using a combination of visual and audio communication alongside a compelling story it is very easy to engage viewers and turn them from potential customers into actual customers.


  1. Very effective at reaching a large audience online

  2. Allows engaging personalised “Human” communication

  3. Quick and easy for the viewer to engage in your products and services

  4. Great at increasing sales and boosting brand awareness

  5. Maximises the effectiveness of your website in producing sales.

  6. Superb return on investment

So there you have it, now you know the key facts. Corporate video is undoubtedly the most impressive performer of them all. However there is no doubt you would want to have a combined marketing effort using several of these tools at least. If you are based in London and need a video for your Business Look no further get in touch at:

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