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It is known that visuals work like magic when it comes to remembering and recalling things. 90% of the information in our brains is visual. Based on this fact, video marketing is now slowly becoming a major source of branding and advertisement for organizations and businesses in the business industry. It has endless advantages with minimum work required. It is a very efficient way of increasing your sales and conversion along with building better and stronger bonds with your customers and clients for the long run. 

Video marketing has gained massive recognition and importance over the last few years. The main reason for this being the constant use of electronic devices and social media via the internet. There are a lot of reasons why video marketing for businesses is not only important but has become compulsory some of which mainly are:

1. Huge Traffic  

Videos generate an immense rate of daily traffic not only on websites but on social media at most. This means that 90% of people using social media apps on their phones, namely Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram are consuming video content. If you market your brand through video content you are likely to able to compete against the rest of the businesses in your field. Videos generate great traffic on your social media platforms as compared to text. You can easily embed the link of your video content on your website and upload the video on Facebook and YouTube to target more people who can become your potential clients even if they are not in the first place. 

2. Best Way To Explain Your Business Brand  Nothing works better than a short video explaining all of what your business brand is about. You do not have to make such long videos trying to explain what your product or service is. The good thing is that all it takes is one minute at the very least. People consume video content on social media daily up to 75 billion; marking Facebook with the most views that reach up to 4 billion and YouTube up to 500 million users. 

3. Substantial Growth of Sales You will notice a drastic and substantial growth in your sales and conversion after you

start following the video marketing strategy. People are more likely to visit your Facebook or YouTube profile as compared to your official website. This means that your video brand marketing will skyrocket if you upload it on social media. Even when people are not interested in buying your product or service, watching your video content on the social media will be enough to catch their attention and at the very least have some of your brand's awareness. 

4. Keeps Customers Highly Engaged  The more interesting and engaging your social media video is, the more views and followers you will gain. This is a sign of great significance among all the others trying to sell the same product and services as you. Great VIDEO IDEAS works each time when it comes to this matter. It keeps customers and viewers highly engaged with increased rates of internet traffic on your page or website.

5. Best Marketing Investment    Social media video is the best marketing investment you can make, Video content will earn you more money than you invest. This proved to be a right analysis based on results which is why video marketing strategy has become an ultimate must for each business to follow. No matter what you are selling, if you do not implement social media video strategy, you will not be able to keep up with the competition in the business industry.

You can create a video right out of your smart phone these days, but if you are more serious about your video marketing you need to get it done professionally, that's when we come in at Cliponia We help businesses drive sales, increase engagement and tell their brand’s story through video



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